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Quality & Functionality

The high quality of components is not limited to the design, material and finish; ease of handling and installation are given the same attention of details.

The products are designed to provide a long & reliable service life. The smooth surface guarantees safe drainage and hygiene in bathroom and balconies.

The Grating is made of grade 304 stainless steel (Electro Polished) and channel /Tray is made in Poly Carbonate ; leak tested prior to dispatch.

The range of grating designs complements personal design preferences and can enhance the appearance of the room. Grates are also easily replaceable for a new look.


  • Can be used with any type of tiles shower configuration.
  • Can be used to create wet/ dry areas
  • Tiling is simplified with minimal cuts required
  • Easy to use with any tile size and material
  • Reduced tiling cost due to decreased time required. Decreased tile wastage due to significantly fewer cuts required.
  • Level threshold can be created for easy wheelchair/ disabled (ADA) access


  • Height : 25 mm inside side
  • Length : 599 mm
  • Width : 70.5 mm. out to out
  • Thickness : 1.5 mm
  • Stud Length: 25 mm
  • Plating : Electro-plating
  • Material : Stainless Steel 304
  • No. of slots: 31 for standard grating
  • Per slot cavity : 5.2 x35 mm .
  • Weight load capacity (kg) : 350
  • Nut length: 25 mm
  • Tile Adjustment : up to 18 mm including mortar 8 Adjustable feet to achieve exact tile level.

Tray – Channel

  • Material: Poly Carbonate.
  • Height: 25 mm with inbuilt slope.
  • Length: with collar 650 mm without collar 600.
  • Width: with collar 120 mm without collar 50mm
  • Number of outlet: One bottom central out let : 50 mm with inbuilt Slope .
  • Tray Guarantee : 10 years replacement guarantee incase of leakage or any manufacturing defects

Shower Grate Components – Shower Tray Components

Shower Grate Components

The basic alloy. Type 304 (18-8) is an austentic steel possessing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is a nonmagnetic steel which cannot be hardened by heat treatment, but instead. must be cold worked to obtain higher tensile strengths.

Shower Tray Components

Made of Poly-carbonate; a durable material which is high impact & low scratch-resistant. Poly-carbonate can undergo large plastic deformations without cracking or breaking

Technical Considerations

The flow value for a 2” outlet varies depending upon the head of water above the grating. In the case of shower channels, a head of water is not typical in practice, due to shallower floor grades. Floor drains can have a head of water due to basin’ profile of floor grades. Flow values without any accumulation (head of water) should be used when shower channels are placed around the perimeter of the shower and no shower threshold step is used. If the shower channel is installed against a wall, there may be a small amount of accumulation (head of water) depending on the layout of shower area. Grade of shower floor will determine depth of build up. In case of outflow rate up to 9.51 GPM based on the floor grade such that 0.2” (5mm) head of water possible. Installation at the entrance is preferred if the outlet flow rate up to 6.65 GPM based on no water accumulation (head of water). Hence the choice of Shower Channel generally depends on the flow values of the shower fitting. 70% of shower heads have a maximum capacity of less than 3GPM. Jar Italia Inc drain standard channel has an outflow of 6.65 GPM. This value assumes no head of water above drain; standard channel can be used in conjunction with the majority of shower head fittings.

Typical Drain Placement in Bathroom Floor Construction

  • Back of the Shower Location
  • Multi-Unit Shower Room
  • Entrance Way (Curb or Curbless)

Linear Drainage Options

Installation against the wall – Simplest slope solution in one direction – slope away from the bathroom – no risk of bypass – use of CPE flexible membrane recommended.

Walk through: Installation against the wall – Slope in one direction – just shower area of whole bathroom floor can be sloped towards channel – use of CPE flexible membrane recommended.

Walk-in: Installation against the wall – Simplest slope solution in one direction – slope away from the bathroom – no risk of overshooting water.

Walk-in: Installation at the entrance- Two directional slope towards the channel. Channel length should exactly fit the shower opening.

Installation at shower entrance – Slope in one direction, towards the bathroom – possible risk of bypass – slope of bathroom floor towards shower area is recommended to prevent bypass. Channel length should exactly fit the shower opening


The SMART TILE is an innovative breakthrough lifting the image of floor grates to a new focus in decor

Stainless Square Floor Trapper

Size – Can Be Made available In Any size Finish – Mirror & Matt SS – 304 & 316

Stainless Anti Cockroach Floor Trapper

Stainless steel material – Prevents odour – Top cover with locks can be easily removed for cleaning. Size – Can Be Made available In Any size

Classic Floor Trapper

Balcony Drains

Ideal for bathroom, garden, balcony, front of garage, around swimming pool, landscaping, everywhere, where storm water control is needed.

  • Made of plastic (optional with metal grate)
  • Optional bottom outlet or side outlet
  • Have A15 , B125 standard. C125 standard with metal grate
  • Economical and decorative
  • Light, movable and easy installation
  • Impact resistant, Chemical resistance
  • Easy water flow
  • 2 color options (Black and white)
  • Comes with Child Protection System


  • 125x80x500 mm
  • 100x55x500 mm
  • 200x120x500 mm

Grates (Plastic/ Metal)

Made of high impact PVC. produced as a standard length of 50 cm produced as stainless metal or galvanized. They have high-pressure resistance. produced regarding to the standard B 125

Inner surface is manufactured in an oval and carries waste water very fast. easy to install – can be extended with hand without machinery and are quickly set in place.

Corner Balcony Drain

70mm Plastic corner balcony drain containing 70mm of input and outlet. Product consists of: Plastic Body & Grating with 70mm of outlet for terrace and balcony

Corner Balcony Drain – Flow rate: 8,51 l/s

Corner Balcony Drain

Manhole Models

The raw material for PVC, UV resistant to diffrent sizes, the grid or full cover option is available with high-strength products