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Our water systems are well equipped and fully capable to convert any water into a product that meets the requirement of the end user.

Capable of performing flawlessly in harsh environments our products assist the exploratory labs at the Arctic Circle to Oil rigs in Deserts, urban communities and war zones. Our water treatment systems are proven solutions to water treatment problems across the globe.

We additionally strive for quality of international standards and excellent after-sales service. Our engineers are available to provide support with your water treatment applications anywhere around the world.


  • Light Weight Aluminum, Powder Coated Frame
  • Micro Processor PLC Based Control Panel
  • Heavy Duty 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
  • TFC Spiral Wound Membrane Elements
  • FRP Membrane Vessels
  • Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
  • Low & Hi Pressure Switches
    Permeate and Concentrate Flow Meters 
  • System Pressure Control & Recycle Valves Automatic Feed Shut Off Valve 
  • High Pressure Relief Valve
  • 316L StainlessSteel HighPressure Piping.


  • HMI w/Touchscreen and Remote Communications
  • On-Demand Feed Supply Pumps for Feed Water
  • On-Demand Delivery Pumps for Fresh Water
  • Full Duplex Titanium Booster Pumps
  • Alkaline pH Adjust Post Filter
  • Ultra Violet sterilization integrated
  • CIP (Clean in Place System Integrated)
  • Multimedia Pre-Filters with Auto Backwash Valves
  • Ion Exchange Water Softener with Auto Backwash Valves
  • Anti-Sealant Injection
  • Chemical Injection Systems including Tank, Pump & Mixer
  • Explosion Proof Rating Classl-Div2

what is forward osmosis

 Aquaporin Inside FO is a process that uses natural energy in the form of osmotic pressure to transport water through a membrane. This enables a gentle extraction of water with low energy input and without heat exposure. An essential building block in the Aquaporin Inside FO membrane technology is the aquaporin proteins which are 100% selective to water molecules. This allows our FO membrane to be highly capable of rejecting contaminants and/or retaining valuable compounds.

 Ideal FO applications include:

  • food and beverage cold concentration
  • wastewater dewatering
  • water reuse and purification